Feng Shui Wind Chimes

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In Feng Shui, feng shui wind chimes activate stagnant areas by dispersing old collected energy and introducing new healthy energy. Each wind chime has its own personality and affects the surrounding qi in different ways.


All energy is vibration-including sound, especially the sound of feng shui wind chimes. In wind water, using a wind chime to guide sound vibrations in space can be a remedy or a good luck magnet. Here are some classic principles that can help you increase the power of feng shui wind chimes and bring positive energy into your life. Materials to consider A chime made of five elements amplifies each element. Metal bells enhance the energy of metal, making it clear, fresh, and successful in new adventures; wooden chimes increase health, vitality and new growth, increasing wealth and gratitude. Materials and locations work together: Bamboo or wood sticks in the eastern part of the space strengthen health and family. In the southeast, wooden chimes attract wealth. In the West, a variety of metals can enhance creativity and happiness for children. In the Northwest, metal safety devices can multiply the number of helpful people in your life. Choose a sound for your Feng Shui feng shui wind chimes Copper pipes, shells, fired clay, glass and bamboo poles make unique sounds, each of which is pleasing in its own way, and each is an effective energy source. Intuition and common sense are the best ways to choose the right tone. In a large yard, a deep metal resonance may make you lose your protection, but on the balcony of an apartment building, it may drive your neighbors crazy. The soft clinking sound of the Capiz shells in the French door agitated the interior space, slowing the influx of energy and allowing it to enter the interior in a flowing manner, rather than flooding. In the child's bedroom, the silent clang of bamboo quietly protected the child. Listen to the bells and let them speak to you. Give each of them a say. Don't focus all the feng shui wind chimes in one space, otherwise they will become a lot of competing noises.