How to Improve Wealth Luck in Feng Shui (That Actually Works)

How to Improve Wealth Luck in Feng Shui
Everyone would like to be wealthy, but only very few of them really become rich.
Being wealthy doesn’t only mean you own everything you need, it means that you have extra money left for the rest of your life. So you can live it with passion, love and peace.
Most of the people will tell you to work hard, but are there any other methods or effective helps to assist you?
Wealth Luck in Feng Shui chinese
With the right feng shui for wealth, it provides energies surround you and help to boost your wealth luck.
Feng Shui wealth is actually an approach, which gives ways for those riches, wealth and money to reach you. It balances the energies at the office and your home, which will facilitate the inflow of money. At the same time, it also reduces or even stops the outflow.
feng shui wealth corner ideas


To help you better understand the feng shui wealth concept, we will split the content into 2 parts.

1. Explain how feng shui wealth direction, elements, colors and aspects of your life will affect feng shui wealth

2. Actual feng shui wealth tips in a DOs and DON’Ts format.


1. Feng Shui Wealth Corner of Home – Improving You Wealth Luck

First of all, you need to understand that different directions at your home/office represent different feng shui elements. Feng shui pundit did a great photo explaining these things.
feng shui wealth direction and feng shui colors
As you can see, the South-East (SE) corner is indeed the major feng shui wealth corner of the home.
The North corner is also called a secondary wealth corner, as it’s related to career and success. The better performance for your work, the wealthier you will be.
To get some great wealth luck from feng shui, you need to have strong energy at the SE and North of your home.
wealth luck in feng shui at home- Feng Shui Money

2. How to Improve Wealth Luck in Feng Shui? (What to Follow and Avoid)

To help you understand the following content, there’s a great article on Feng Shui Colors you can read. It explains the relation between feng shui wealth direction, colors and elements.

Okay, let’s dive into some feng shui wealth corner ideas!


Feng Shui Wealth Corner of Home- South East

Things You Should Follow
1. Always make your SE part of your home clean.
2. If your living room is in the SE of your home, that’s awesome!
A. Try to put everything symbolizing money, wealth, abundance and success in your living room.
B. Putting the sign of wealth, Feng Shui Jade there
C. Make your aquarium oxygenated, huge and clear.
D. Something associated with water here is of notable gain.
E. You could place a fish aquarium in SE with dragon fish or Arowana.
F. Keep the fish in good health, glad and nicely fed.
G. The water should flow toward your house and not outwards.
H. In your living room, you must put a feng shui golden ship of wealth.
I. Make certain that the golden ship sails into your home
J. You may consider putting a water fountain in SE of your room.
K. Ensure that the water flows in a countless loop and the fountain is well lit.
L. Place a dragon figurine beside water feature; this’ll entice greater wealth.
M. Optionally, you could add wealth symbols to the wealth ship, like gold coins, ingots, gems and so forth.
N. Put 9 three-legged money toads beneath chairs or sofas inside the dwelling room.
O. Tie a purple thread to each toad to boost up wealth attracting strength.
feng shui fish aquarium
3. Dangle images of fruits and mouthwatering dishes in dining area; it brings abundance and increases urge for food.
4. place a feng shui wealth pot filled with ingots, gems, fake diamonds and different wealth symbols in your dinning place.
5. No matter where you’ve positioned dinning table, make certain to have a feng shui mirror that displays the table. It represents that you are constantly getting more for yourself and your family.
6. After applying the remedies (referred to below) you ought to energize the outer part of the remedied locationthrough favorable feng shui colors and elements.
7. Favorable element for the SE is wood and the color is shades of green .
Things You Should Avoid
1. Keep away from buying or renting an apartment that has cut in SE corner.
2. If you want to put a photograph of a ship, you should ensure that no weapons are shown there.
3. Avoid having toilet/bathroom, kitchen, store room and bedroom in SE area. If your property has any of these in SE, then you may correct them as follows:
  • If there’s a cut in the SE area, place some mirrors so it reflects closer to SE corner (better to have a feng shui expert fixes such defects).
  • If there’s a toilet/bathroom, kitchen or keep room in SE, your home will experience bad wood energy defect. In this case, your should use fire element items (as fire weakens wood). Putting an image of a sparkling candle, brilliant lights or whatever that symbolizes fire.
4. If there’s a bedroom in SE, try to remove a fish aquarium (or something associated with water), wealth plants feng shui and mirrors. You could also put a wealth vase inside the closet of the bedroom.
 feng shui wealth vase

Feng Shui Wealth Corner of Home – North

Things You Should Follow
1. Keep the North part of your house clean and free of clutter.
2. You can put some wind chimes or gold and silver cash coins tied with red ribbon (As metal enhances water).
3. You may introduce water fountains or whatever associated with water in North of your home (provided your bedroom is not in the North).
4. If there’s a bedroom in North, you have to put a wealth vase inside the closet of the bedroom.
5. You are applying these remedies, please make sure that the colour of wood is a shade of green (not a tone of brown, which is the color of dead/dried timber).
6. After you’ve implemented the remove remedies, you must energize the outer part of the cured area with the use of feng shui favorable colours and elements.
7. Favorable colors for the North are shades of blue and black, while the element is water.
How to Improve Wealth Luck in Feng Shui 
Things You Should Avoid
1. Avoid buying or renting an apartment that has cut in North, otherwise you will be switching job very often. You will lack motivation and satisfaction, and leading to unstable salary.
2. Avoid a house having toilet, kitchen or storeroom in the north. If it happens, you will need the following remedies.
A. If there’s a toilet, kitchen or store room in North then it means that your house is suffering from awful water energy. As a feng shui cure, you should use wood elements to minimize it (wood weakens water). You can place some small plants. And painting the walls in shades of green or hanging a photo of trees/ anything that symbolizes wood.
B. If your bedroom is in the North, please do not put a fish aquarium (or something related to water), wealth plants feng shui and mirrors there.
wealth plants feng shui  
With these simple yet effective feng shui tips for wealth luck, you can easily make a better life.
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