How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Home Easily

How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Home

Living a balanced life is what we aimed for. However, words are always easier than actions. Sometimes a little help might give you a better outcome, especially your working or living environment, and this is what you need – Feng Shui.

This traditional Chinese method to make equilibrium in our lives has adopted globally in modern times. If your life has been a mess recently, this article might help you. Below I’ll give a summary of what Feng Shui is as well as some advice on how to apply Feng Shui to your home.

What is Feng Shui?

In the Ancient China, Feng Shui (known as “wind water”) is the basis of understanding the best way to make an equilibrium – creating “Chi” (energy) from your surrounding environment.

The creation of energy requires a flow – a specific and an absolute art for developing the stream of energy to Feng Shui. This artwork is performed by transferring common objects and aligning them so that a harmony is reflected from your environment to you as an individual, and eventually allow energy to flow continuously

By utilizing the notion of heaven and earth, Feng Shui utilizes the force of life (“qi” or “chi”), and creates a perfectly-suited environment for houses or offices. The “Chi” is comprised of six parts, which is all based on the so-called “weather language”, such as light versus darkness, hot versus cold and rain versus wind.

Why believe in Feng Shui?

The rationale why Feng Shui works is founded on the principle that people are curious of the way we should work to maintain a harmonious relationship with the nature and how our activities would have an impact on the nature.

Making good use and understanding of Feng Shui can help building harmony in every aspects of your life – your relationships, your work, and even your well-being .

To balance the nature and different aspects in life, one must attract great energy towards his/her living space. Spaces that are in discord with the nature would bring bad luck.

The “Feng” part of the word “Feng Shui” (known as the wind) can eliminate the positive energy in the surroundings, which you would not wish to happen. By holding to the “Shui” (known as the water), this would create an equilibrium.

Our surroundings can benefit or go against us. Whenever someone’s life is in chaos, the “Chi” or a positive energy may be produced and turn the bad surroundings into a harmonious one. It is possible to change your surroundings and the related power to function for you personally by utilizing the present energy constructively.

There are only three parts of the “Chi”: human, heaven and earth. You may have experienced Chi when you read your horoscop but never experienced it since astrology falls beneath the class of paradise Chi..

 What effect does Feng Shui have on you?

The doctrine of Feng Shui can be utilized to bring many changes into your life, for example. emotions, quality of sleep, money, relationships and much more. Using Feng Shui will allow you to relax yourself, keep healthy and make a balance. Feng Shui can also enable you to think what exactly you would like to achieve in your life and the best way to achieve it.

How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Home?

As this notion or belief becomes more popular nowadays, in fact, many houses and offices in China are constructed in accordance with the concept of Feng Shui to build a focus and joyful area for living or work. Besides, it has gained an increasing attention beyond China to many western countries. Houses in these western countries are applying the concept of Feng Shui in their house or office planning.

To begin with, you should be aware that each house has its energy and that energy is affected by the amount of things which you have got at home. Think about what you would like to happen inside your home during your lifetime. Afterwards, look around your house and make a record. Without doubt, there must be things that bring you negative feelings each time you look at them. These are an excellent point to begin.

Here are several ways to apply the said Feng Shui principals in your home:

Disorganization and Clutter

If you’ have always been disorganized, you have to improve the negative energy that comes from the disorganization (and disorganization frequently goes with clutter) by lighting candles. Candles help to get rid of the negative energy.

Walkway and Entrance

The energy starts to grow at the time you walk down the road towards your home. Positive energy is depleted by a narrow, cluttered path but welcomes the negative energy. In fact, every time a person comes in through your front door, there is an opening of Chi, and it brings energy into your home.

An entranceway that holds the clutters of jackets or shoes can put an unexpected stop to energy flow. If you would like to have dim or narrow entranceway, simply hang a mirror would help to circulate the energy.

Front Door & Back Door

You do not need to draw an obvious line between your back door and your front door, since energy comes through the front door and leaves through the doorway. You should get the power to flow inside your house and remain there.

Nevertheless, if you stand at your front door where you can see right through the back door, you are advised to put something in the middle of the pathway in order to block the view looking straight to the back door according to the Feng Shui guidance.


The toilets of your house are often bad for Chi energy’s circulation as toilets are often heavily moisturised and are  generally small rooms which may restrict the energy flow.

To deal with this situation, plants should be placed in the toilets to give the atmosphere life. Plants do help leveling down the moisture percentage in a toilet, thus avoiding issues that arises due to the excessive amount of moisture in a room.

Room Direction

Each room of your house has a Chi energy flow direction that will affect the way by which the energy flows. The 9 directions are north-east, east, south-east, south, west, south-west, north-west, north and center.

Using the Feng Shui guide, you should find the direction of a room first and find the way to decorate it. Understanding how to place objects and decorate every single room of your home can help obtaining the advantages of Feng Shui for your property.

In Summary

Understanding how to utilise Feng Shui in your home do not only improve the balance necessary in your life, but also gives you other advantages.

Feng Shui principles and related techniques can give you a good starting point. You should learn how to utilise them and try to work on areas of your home where you believe can obtain most benefit.

Once you succeeded the Feng Shui techniques, the energy will flow, the equilibrium will enhance and life in the home will improve. I am pretty sure it works for me, why don’t you try?

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