Feng Shui For Dummies (Best Feng Shui 2020 Tips)

feng shui for dummies feng shui 2017

Feng Shui For Dummies In Short

An antiquated Chinese tradition, Feng Shui engages you to enhance each part of your life, from your wellbeing and riches to your connections and profession. How does Feng Shui function? It upgrades your condition as indicated by standards of congruity and vitality stream.

Regardless of whether you’re mindful of it or not, your condition — and your association with it — are always influencing you. Eventually, your most logical option for a sound, glad, and fruitful life is to influence your condition to work for you through practicing Feng Shui 2107.

Most Common Tool For Feng Shui


FENG SHUI for dummies


A shaded area put inside the Life Area (of your space) related with that shading can help empower that space/aspect of your life. By putting the Feng Shui Octagon, an object for mapping the energies of a home or office, over your home design, you can make sense of which parts of your home fall in which Life Areas and cure them with a properly hued protest.

From painting the walls yellow in the Health Area of your home (for better wellbeing and physical prosperity) to situating a sound green plant in the Family Area of your home (to empower solidarity and a more grounded family bond), Feng Shui supports the utilization of shading to improve your life vitality. The accompanying table demonstrates to you proper methodologies to apply shading to amplify the vitality of every Life Area.

Here’s the list of life area for your reference:


Feng Shui 2017


So How Should We Improve Our Feng Shui in 2020?

There are specific areas in your home which you can decorate and improve different aspects of your life.


1. Harvest Your Wealth Energy in the East

The East feng shui bagua zone is one of the most fortunate feng shui parts in 2020 with the yearly star 8, the Wealth feng shui star. You can use Fire feng shui element like red, pink, purple, orange, and brilliant yellow – with some restraint – in the East feng shui zone of your home or office since they bolster the Earth component of star 8.

For what reason do we say “with some restraint”? Since the component of the East bagua is Wood, so on the off chance that you bring excessively Fire component improving with a specific end goal to reinforce the meeting star, you may make an enthusiastic unevenness by debilitating the Wood component of this bagua.

The fundamental component that is magnificent here in 2020 is the Earth component, as it the two supports the meeting star, and in addition the local component of this bagua territory.

A great approach to bringing the vitality of the Earth feng shui component is to decorate with precious feng shui crystals, and since this is a Wealth star, utilize particular gems and stones to upgrade the riches vitality, such amethyst, citrine, and pyrite.


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2. Prepare for the Future Wealth in Southeast

The Southeast bagua region has the lucky purple 9 star in 2020, which is a Fire feng shui element yearly star. You should avoid a very strong presence of the Earth feng shui element here as Earth will take away energy from the Fire.
What you need to do with your 2020 feng shui cures in the Southeast territory is to help the Fire with its own energy, and additionally bring some cures of riches.

Wood component favors Fire, as well, so don’t hesitate to enrich with different things of the Wood component.

New blooms, candles, glad pictures, and so on – all the great vibe things – will reinforce the cheerful capability of this propitious zone. Work with number 9 to duplicate the advantages. For instance, you can have a course of action of 9 red or purple candles or a picture of 9 pink blossoms.

9 Chinese coins are additionally invited here in 2020, and different plans with the extremely auspicious mystic knot. Another conventional Chinese feng shui cure – the precious stone tree (with flame shading gems, for example, amethyst or citrine) – can go well here.


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3. Better Relationships and Education Prospect in Northeast

The Northeast zone of your home or office has the #4 star in 2020, the star representing sentiment, and in addition imaginative and educational endeavors. It’s best not to utilize Fire or Metal feng shui element hues here, as they will harm the Wood component of this gainful going to star.

Black and blue colors are great hues for your Northeast bagua region this year just like, the Water feng shui component hues, they feed the Wood component of the meeting #4 star.

Stay away from Fire and Metal feng shui component things or hues in the Northeast region in 2020. A dynamic green plant in the Northeast is great feng shui in 2020. From customary Chinese feng shui cures, a couple of Chi Lins can do here.

You can put some romantic pictures, or some beautiful scenery and creative photos in your home.

It’s also great to have your vision board in 2020 hanged or put there. Fresh flowers are also amazing here.

Think about the Northeast feng shui zone in 2020 as an exceptionally powerful love and sentiment territory and make certain to stimulate the vitality of affection connections, be it with pictures, particular feng shui cures or individual love images.

On the off chance that you choose to reinforce the vitality of affection with conventional feng shui cures, the best ones, obviously, are the Double Happiness sign, the Dragon and Phoenix, and the Mandarin Ducks.


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4. Advance Your Career in North

The North bagua zone of your home or office in 2020 has the helpful 6 white star. It brings accommodating and promising vitality to accomplish acknowledgment for your achievements and draw in career achievement. It additionally urges you to climb higher in your career and brings much better result than you originally think.

Feng shui Metal component hues, for example, white or black, and also all Earth feng shui component hues are great in the North region in 2020. Quartz gems and stones are additionally a magnificent yearly feng shui cure for this range. Metal component cures, particularly moving metal as in a wind chime, for instance, are fantastic 2020 activators for the North bagua range.


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Other feng shui cures that can fortify the gainful energies here in 2020 are the Ru Yi, six Chinese coins or a metal statue of a god of your decision, for example, Green Tara, for instance. The six precious stone balls cure is likewise frequently prescribed to welcome and reinforce the energies of this valuable yearly star.

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5. Achieve Overall Sucess in the Centre of Your Home

The centre point of your home or office has exceptionally good feng shui energies of the white star #1 in 2020. The correct sustenance of these energies will fortify the career and good fortunes establishment in any space.

Metal and Water feng shui components are great here this year. Great feng shui hues for this feng shui zone in 2020 are Water and Metal component hues, for example, black, blue, charcoal dim, white. You can likewise include other Water feng shui component stylistic theme cures, pick the ones that work best with the stylistic layout of your space.

You should always stay away from Fire feng shui component, for example, red, purple, hot pink, orange, and so forth, and in addition Fire feng shui component shapes and stylistic theme things.

Since the useful going by star #1 is of the Water component, it is imperative to stay away from a solid nearness of Wood component here in 2020 (Wood component channels vitality from the Water component in the five component cycle).

Fountains, dragon turtles and also triumphant pictures of horses are on the whole fantastic feng shui cures for the focal point of your home or office in 2020. You can likewise put here your vision board reflecting both expert and individual objectives for 2020.


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Conclusion for Feng Shui 2020

These are all the basics for having a good feng shui in 2020. Hope you can have great success in all aspects of your life with these powerful cures. Check out our products if you want an extra boost.


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